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The Revenant: The Reliable Survivor Vs. The Selfish Coward.

*Spoiler Alert*
Don't read if you haven't watched the film yet . It has spoilers all over . 

At the start when Glass (Dicaprio) takes the shot, Fitzgerald (Hardy) starts to fear for his life which shows his selfish feeling of being stuck with the people who he thinks doesn't know how to survive the indians, As everything is cool and steady suddenly the film starts to pick up the heat as we see an Unexpected Arrow hitting straight into the neck of a trapper indicating the attack by the indians which forces everyone's heart to beat faster than ever, fear starts to pump through the vains and the background score makes it even worse to breath, forces us to stay glued to our seats and we all start thinking this is going to be interesting, I'd say its one hell of a way to start a film with a story like this, perfect camera work  I am a fan of the way Alejandro G. Innaritu works with the camera angles, amazing action sequence, and on the top of that undescribable cinematography. 

Coming to the thing between Hugh Glass (Leonardo Dicaprio) and John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) 
The Reliable Survivor Vs. The Selfish Coward. 
Glass, his son, and his remaining companions, are going back to the nearest outpost. A near fatal bear attack, happens to Glass. Glass's weak condition, forced some men from the team, to be his caretakers. One of the caretakers, John Fitzgerald, chooses to betray Glass, by killing his son and leaving him for dead making an unforgivable decision. Relying on his insurmountable anger, a powerful motivation for his family, and also his passion to live, Hugh survives. In this comeback adventure, Glass goes along the wintry terrain, across the wilderness, and uses his survival skills to go back to the outpost. Glass attemps to find John Fitzgerald, and make him pay for his terrible decision.
Although by true events (Hugh Glass was in fact attacked by a bear and left for dead by two of his fellow trappers), the movie takes many huge liberties with its depiction of these events. The two biggest and most crucial departures from reality may be the main characters motivation (since in reality the trappers never killed his son) and the ending (since the real Hugh Glass never took his revenge, but instead forgave the trappers who left him for dead).

Leonardo DiCaprio 
He had to devour a raw slab of bison's liver, even though he is vegetarian. He also had to learn to shoot a musket, build a fire, speak two Native American languages (Pawnee and Arikara), and study with a doctor who specializes in ancient healing techniques. DiCaprio calls it the hardest performance of his career.
If someone who deserves to get the oscar  this time , it is for sure Leonardo Dicaprio.

Tom Hardy
He watched Tom Berenger in Platoon (1986) for inspiration.
Hardy was concerned about the safety of some of the stunts he had to do, which caused friction between him and director Alejandro González Iñárritu before Iñarritu allowed Hardy to choke him in return. Later, the image of Hardy strangling Iñarritu was immortalized in a T-shirt gifted by Hardy to all members of the crew, at the end of the shoot. 

Well the most heart breaking part of the movie was the 'Bear Attack' . 
To watch that you need to have big heart I'm saying this because the weak heartened people might not take it very easily. Well the amazing thing is that this guy actually survived this brutal suffering. 
When Glass (Dicaprio) battles with the bear he initially injures it with a gunshot wound to it's left side until finally defeating it with multiple stab wounds. This is mirrored in the final showdown with Fitzgerald (Hardy) in which Glass shoots him in his left shoulder but ultimately defeats him with a knife.

The film has been nominated for 12 Oscar  Nominations including The Best Film and The Best Actor in the Lead Role, The Best Actor In Supporting Role, The Best Director, 

The Film has already won Golden Globe Award for The Best Actor In Lead Role, The Best Director and The Best Film.

My Rating for the Movie is 9.0/10 . 

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