Thursday, 13 July 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review 4.5/5

I’ll start by saying I feel sorry for all of those who are still fighting the never ending ‘Andrew-Tobey’ War.

Directed and Co-written by Jon Watts with the screenplay credits to Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Christopher Ford, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers. Spider-Man: Homecoming is the sixth film and the third take on Stan Lee’s creation of the iconic web-slinger, swinging across the New York City.

Finally the film doesn’t start with the horrible death of Uncle Ben and Peter going after the ones responsible for his death, but we are actually taken 8 years back to the New York City when the Avengers battled the Chitauri, where Salvage worker Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) with his co-workers take apart the Chitauri leviathan and gather any tech they can get their hands on, And that’s where Toomes finds his reason to become the flying monster guy The Vulture by far the best villain Spider-Man has faced, who unlike most of the Marvel’s antagonists don't seek an end of the world, he’s just chasing a fast buck to feed his family, but he’s willing to sacrifice innocent lives to achieve that goal, that’s what concerns Peter Parker (Tom Holland) as he sees this as an opportunity to prove his worth.
Although the film doesn’t focus on the origin story of Peter Parker, it does notify us that he got his powers by getting bitten by a spider, and despite Uncle Ben not being in the film, Peter does get to have Uncle moments with none other than Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)

The film focuses on a young kid trying to fit in the world of extraordinary, while also navigating the pitfalls of everyday teenagerhood. Tom Holland’s webbed world of Peter gives us a new vibe to enjoy; he brings just the right mixture of goofy and bold. Meanwhile, Michael Keaton, whose great white shark grin has a peerless talent for making us feel nervous, then laugh, then repeat, brings his A Game to the bad guy part. The kids are a diverse bunch racially, including Peter’s crush Liz (Laura Harrier) and a snarky loner (Zendaya) who goes by “MJ.” (NOT REALLY) Peter’s bestie, Ned (Jacob Batalon), who is basically the guy in the chair, Meanwhile Marisa Tomei totally changes our perceptions for  Aunt May, no wonder why they end up with just ‘May’ and got rid of the ‘Aunt’, yeah we totally ‘LARBed’ her.

Here are some of the hidden details you may have missed in the film,

1. Following the Marvel Studios, Sony, and Columbia logos, the opening credits are accompanied by a modernized version of the classic 1960s Spider-Man TV show theme tune.

2. Quite a few female characters from the Spider-Man comics show up in Homecoming, but one you may have missed is Betty Brant, who co-hosts a hilariously bad high school news show alongside Jason Ionello, another familiar character from the comics. If you’ll recall, Brant goes on to work at the Daily Bugle and was played by Elizabeth Banks in Sam Raimi’s movie trilogy. Here, she’s played by Angourie Rice.

3. A tribute to the classic 80s high school movie ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ During the house party scene when Peter bails to try and catch a couple of the Vulture’s goons, his pursuit takes him through a number of backyards.

4. Good to see Kenneth Choi again portraying the grandson of the character (Jim Morita) he once played in Captain America: The First Avenger, we even saw a picture of the former in full uniform on the Principal’s desk during the scene where Peter visits his office.

Spider-Man Homecoming may not be the perfect film as a whole but it has the perfect version of Spider-Man/Peter Parker. All thanks to an outstanding performance by Holland and adequate writing of six screenwriters, well you know teamwork always counts. Although working on a large-scale production isn’t much of the indie director Jon Watts’ thing but he ends up surprising us with the end result.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Wonder Woman Review: 5/5

Directed by Patty Jenkins with story and screenplay by Allan Heinberg, Zack Snyder and Jason Fuchs, based on the character created by William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman (2017) is the first female dominant super-hero film in twelve years since Elektra (2005) and it is the first DCEU film to receive worldwide critical acclaim, with $205.0M to its name in the box office in just two weeks.

Despite having no experience in super-hero film direction, Patty Jenkins gives us a shocker and a whole new challenge to the existing minds working in somewhat a similar notion.
“When it comes to superheroes – people really thought that only men loved action movies and only men would go see a super-hero movie. And then the few movies they tried to do with women super-heroes didn’t quite work out.” – Patty Jenkins
Jenkins gives this new challenge to the super-hero world in form of a super-heroin; it has been a long time that we got to watch an execution which is a large-scale competition even to the well-acclaimed superhero productions. In short, she has done it with a woman what many couldn’t do with men.
The film continues to give you astounding suspenseful vibes throughout the whole two and a half hour of its total time, with adequate humorous touch, exceptional visual effects and outstanding choreographed action display.

The film starts in somewhat a modern day in Paris, France, where Diana (Gal Gadot) receives a briefcase sent by Bruce Wayne himself, carrying an old photograph and a note indicating his eagerness to hear the story behind the picture, which forces Diana to revisit her past.
Far ago in a sheltered island of Themyscira, a young Diana (Lilly Aspen) is keen to be trained to become a warrior; while her conservative mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) has her reasons to be against her daughter’s desires, meanwhile her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright) emboldens her confidence to learn fighting, the long lasting protection of the legendary Thmyscira is effected when an American veteran Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in a plane passes through the barrier into Themyscira and crashes into the ocean, and gets saved by Diana, and has plenty of German troops on his tail, which results in a great battle of guns and arrows. Now Steve being held upon the Lasso of Truth explains to the Amazons about World War I and how he has learned of a sinister plan by Germany's General Ludendorff (Danny Huston) and his chief chemist Dr. Maru, (Elena Anaya). As Diana discovers the endless war going on in the outside world, she realizes this must be the work of Ares, and embarks on a journey to end the war of all wars whilst discovering her true power as well.

This wonderful execution also includes Saïd Taghmaoui as Sameer, Ewen Bremner as Charlie, and Eugene Brave Rock as Chief, “a liar, a murderer and a smuggler” as phrased by the Amazon-Princess herself, Lucy Davis as Etta Candy, and Not to forget the good man (not so much) Sir Patrick Morgan played by David Thewlis.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is precisely perfection; she is an individual rather than a replicant. Her body is long and lithe and strong-looking. She has respectfully done a phenomenal job portraying the character, being supremely capable yet utterly innocent; she has set a new bar for female super-heroes.

Chris Pine with his dominant yet inferior character was amusing; he had a lot to cover, romance, intensity, sacrifice, and humor, yet his determination resulted in a respectful execution.

After Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, DC Comic’s fans finally have another worth appreciating film of which they can actually be proud of, all thanks to Patty Jenkins.


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Logan (2017) Review: Thank You Hugh Jackman (5/5)

Directed and written by James Mangold with the screenplay by Scott Frank and Michael Green ‘Logan’ is the last installment to 'The Wolverine Trilogy'.


The film is set in the year of 2029, where the mutant population has shrunk significantly and the X-Men have disbanded. With his powers to self-heal dwindling, Logan (Hugh Jackman) is a weary old man, struggling with a haunting past and a hopeless future, has surrendered himself to alcohol and earns a living as a chauffeur, caring for an ailing old friend Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who suffers through degenerative brain disease, which is the last thing a man with the most powerful mind in the world would be willing to possess. Along with all of the adversities in his life, he crosses paths with a young mutant, who turns out to be very much like him.

Despite of a very foreseeable story-line you do get to see some unpredictable moments that can literally shake your world, and for that, I would have to bow down to James Mangold, for sure he is a man made of gold, his way of conducting the film, with the adequate help of Scott Frank and Michael Green in writing screenplay resulted in a very delightful manner, people cannot deny to have relatability of their emotional life to this film’s profound message.
“I knew that it would be my last and I wanted to be able to sleep at nights, satisfied, that I have done everything for the character” – Hugh Jackman

To many, it surely is a tenderly feeling to know that Hugh Jackman will not be coming back as Wolverine again. He inevitably has given everything to this character in defiance of facing some of the lousy characterization in preceding executions, although there is no denial in the fact that the portrayal of the character in ‘Logan’ is by far the first-rate quality you would ever experience & to sugar-coat this delicious piece of loaf I’d like to say Jackman’s performance in ‘Logan’ is the best one out of all. Then we have Dafne Keen as Laura, the young mutant who gets everything moving. This is her first big screen role and she does an incredible job. She balances action with character moments so well. She captures moments of innocence with a simple glance and then flips everything on its head by just widening her eyes.

Hugh Jackman’s work for the character by far has been matchless, many wouldn’t know him by his actual name but they would definitely recognize him by Wolverine. His looks in the character throughout the film series has been outstanding, those Cohiban cigars with those leather biker jackets and spiky hair will undoubtedly be wished for to appear in the future X-Men Projects.


When it comes to acting ‘Jackman-fanboys’ would never consider any other artist to ever match the bar that he has created for the character, parallel to ‘Ledger-Is-The-Only-Joker’ perception, we have already seen much alike notion already.

Here are some talented monsters that can replace Hugh Jackman.




Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Review: Suicide Squad (2016) is good enough to save DCEU's underwhelming reputation.

David Ayer previously known for films like ‘Fury (2014)’ starring Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer ‘Sabotage (2014)’ featuring the world of police and military forces, but this time things are different, this time he’s got super-villains to play with, oh wait Villains or Worst Heroes Ever?
Despite of a weak plot, Suicide Squad is exuberantly good, which proves Ayer as a better Director than a Writer, but one wouldn’t consider him as one of the best director to ever happen to the film world, but as compared to Zack Snyder’s shit, he killed it, (now picture Deadshot saying this in his style)

Suicide Squad is one of the films that make you almost shit your pants, with the characters like Harley Quinn/Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Margot Robbie), Deadshot/Floyd Lawton (Will Smith), Diablo/Chato Santana (Jay Hernandez), Killer Croc/Waylon Jones (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Enchantress/Dr. June Moone (Cara Delevingne), Cpt. Boomerang/Digger Harkness (Jai Courtney), Katana/ Tatsu Yamashiro (Karen Fukuhara), Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Rick Flagg (Jeol Kinnaman) and the one and only Joker (Jared Leto), Oh wait how can I forgot the mind blowing Slipknot/Christopher Weiss (Adam Beach) with some of the speedy lighting and black cape in the nights of gotham.

The film starts from where the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left off, Yes the death of Superman, Amanda Waller takes kryptonian son’s death as a serious issue to fight future adversities more powerful than ever and she’s got crazy plans for it. Oh and before that, we do get to see a whole lot of pretty and a whole lot of craziness. Waller’s plans aren’t really what a person free from physical or mental disorder would approve, but there is nothing left to offer as they are concerned about huge ‘Meta-Human’ threats in the near future, the film takes a turning point when a deserted Witch goes all the way to “DESTROY-THEM-ALL” kind of aberrance, now that’s where Waller’s Task Force X a.k.a Suicide Squad begins the fun.Super-Hero movies are normally known for some good heroes fighting the malevolent forces, but here those malicious beings switch sides for a better world realizing their mistakes, Naah! That’s not entirely the truth, that’s because they’ve got a cruel unexpected boss giving them reason to do some good, that’s more like it.
In this unique conceptual but over-promoted film, we get to see the very first theatrical live-action portrayal of Harley Quinn done by talented Margot Robbie, it really a is nightmare to do a character which is entirely a crackbrain and psychotically sally, despite of Harley being one of the famous character in the comic world and the whole world expecting a metaphoric Life & Death situation kind of a performance for a character with a scarce back-story, Robbie has done justice to the character, her performance is the only half which makes this movie vigorously enjoyable to watch, her performance makes Harley the female version of Joker with an additional touch of softness for the distressed ones, which reminds me of how fondly the character fell in love with psychotic Joker in the 1997 animated Series named ‘The New Batman Adventures’
The most disheartening element of this execution for me was, the over-hyped, but less exhibited Joker, the character felt like shoehorned into the film, now imagine yourself wearing shoes smaller than your feet and running around feeling the pain, that might be the exact pain Jared Leto must have felt after watching the final piece, you just don’t get to play with a character this big like an unprofessional, this is disappointingly deceptive to a man who is extremely talented and dedicated, Jared Leto as Joker has done a stunning job, creating a different torpid yet energetic ruthless vibe to the character, with a parlous yet grasping laugh, despite of the less screen time Leto succeeds in for you to have high hopes for the character in future productions.
Owing to over-hyping of Joker and less promotion of Deadshot in the trailers the character gets to have more screen time in the final piece which makes it quite delighting to watch Deadshot as a whole in the film, a character which is exceptionally good at the mathematical angles and uses his skills (which includes much more than that) to kill for his bank account to start dancing, having a very stout weakness in the shape of a daughter, a bad guy giving more time to act as a good one. Will Smith has done a good job for the character, as he could be the only option for the character for his better experience of suchlike characters; he has given us reasons to praise him.

With Deadshot being a good character, Diablo is not very far to being a great one, a crime lord having destructive flaming powers, had done some serious afflictions in his crestfallen past, he decides to leave his misperceived chaotic world to be behind gingerly bars, before he could take another life, the most well indited character of the film & with a well-handled back-story, El Diablo turns out to be a great asset of the film, on top of that Jay Hernandez’s phenomenal acting skills giving it a life to its fullest is all that you need to know.
The most fun part after Quinn was Boomerang with Jai Courtney’s brilliant performance which ends up disappointingly underused; instead an unimpressive Rick Flagg is overused although Jeol Kinnaman did well as an actor, and Killer Croc’s amazing portrayal by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje although I had much better hopes for him but still it was satisfactory, and Enchantress as a character was just okay but Cara Delevingne’s portrayal was impressive, meanwhile Amanda Waller was a classic example of person who knows how to deal with the most dangerous people on the planet and having them all in her pocket with Viola Davis’ exceptional acting giving you the feeling of getting your favorite toppings on your flavor of ice cream.
After the underwhelming reputation of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad somehow is capable enough to save DCEU. In my opinion it was the film DCEU needed at the moment, it has a very predictable story line but it is far better and entertaining than BvS: Dawn of Justice & Man of Steel combined.

With my Rating of 3.5/5 I’d recommend all to watch it. It is a great watch.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review: 9/10

Joe and Anthony Russo’s Civil War is the longest Marvel film till date, with the running time of 2 hours and 26 minutes. It indisputably has a compelling story with a great touch of humour along with Russo bros’ adequate direction.

The film starts with the year 1991 where a hydra's brain washed Winter Soldier (Sebastain Stan) causes a car crash to recover the super soldier building serum, giving you the idea of somewhat an important part of the storyline, then it takes you to the uninhabited future of Captain America (Chris Evans) kicking off in an overwhelming action sequence with Black Widow (Scarlett Johanson) Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) by his side, and yes you wonder where is Iron Man? (Robert Downey Jr) and his absence is very well explained soon after, though its nothing but a sneak peak to the astounding action this execution features. Due to uncontrolled amount of collateral damage done by the so called 'Saviours Of The World' UN enforces a mandate called 'Sokovia Accord' on the Avengers to become a government organization for prevention of any further adversities. Steve believing that the safest hands are still their own and Tony on the other hand having emotional breakdown and disagreeing with Rogers, builds up a real conflict between friendly heroes, and when things starts to go side ways, Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier being blamed for the deadly attack on 'Sokovia Accord Event' killing Wakandan King T'Chaka in Vienna, boosts up the conflict to a whole other level.

Super censured Steve goes full interrogative thinking he should be the one bringing him in, but his plan goes sideways, as Bucky runs for his life and encounters a black costumed skilful fighter with a vengeful rage, there we get to see a breathtaking action packed chase between three powerful beings with different agendas on each mind. Soon after when War Machine (Don Cheadle) turns the fight into police hand, the guy in black turns out to be T'Challa/Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) son of the Wakandan King, which explains his rageful attitude.

Chadwick Boseman is a newcomer to the avenging universe portraying one of the highly expected character, which he has executed in an adeptable manner, though it is highly unlikely for a newcomer to come up to the level of existing stars, this shows his admirable talent of acting which is deservingly appreciated.

Bucky gets to see himself boxed in a powerless manner, which he believes is literally unfair, there we see evil minded Zemo set Bucky loose giving him uncontrollable reasons to go rogue for the time being by saying the mysterious code words which are not very handling for him.
Cap realizing that him escaping is a mistake so he tries stop him but and there we see Chris Evans' unrealistically realistic act which in many eyes is one of the brilliant stunts he has ever done.

Chris Evans injured his arm muscles while filming the iconic shot of Captain America holding back a helicopter with his hands. Evans said of the shot, 'That shot is a little bit of bicep porn. 'Zoom in on the biceps' - that's what the script said. Kevin Feige didn't airbrush my biceps, that's me. It's not a utilitarian shot, it's a shot where you're trying to look heroic. That position (of holding the helicopter with one hand and the ledge with another) is actually a very unnatural position to use to stop something but we used it because I have to flex my bicep, you are trying to make the scene look great. And I genuinely messed my arm doing that shot because of the strain. Robert Downey Jr. joked that the film-makers didn't mind that Evans hurt himself because of how great the shot turned out and they have been using it to promote the film ever since. Anthony Russo revealed that the iconic shot almost did not happen because on the day of the film-making there was a miss-communication with the costume department and Evans came in wearing a thick jacket. They immediately sent him back to change because then they wouldn't have been able to film the shot of his muscles bulging as intended in the script.

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man we see in this flick is a billionaire with a different mindset, realizing his mistakes, most certainly guilty of the act he actually thought would him make unstoppable and righteous, the creation of Ultron. He now has reasons to act by law and show his patriotism, as we heard that the film will feature a darker version of Tony Stark, it was completely untrue, where as the only part where he says "Sometime I want to punch you in your perfect teeth" shows his darkness otherwise he gets to be a lawfully powerful devotee.
Downey Jr. has proved that he was meant to be casted as Iron Man, he certainly has performed better and better as character kept on developing throughout the films. He has created this vibe for Tony Stark which nobody else can create not in his time.

As the film continues to shine we get to enter a whole new level of greatness when we watch Red and Blue go head to head, in the atmosphere of giant airbuses, where Cap's initial plan is to go up against 'Psycho Assassins' as phrased by the Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) his entry to this Marvel-ous film is as amusing as the character himself is, which makes the the film go even better, and a bigger surprise for all the Ant-Man fans when you'll watch the movie you'll know, dont miss out its Huge! meanwhile on the other side there is Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who indisputably is the best spidey to ever happen in the film world, a humorous teenager with a amazing powers and heroic pupose, and on top of all Holland's mind-blowing performance, appreciation comes out from your heart inevitably .
The airport fight sequence is more like a bunch of friends playing 'what-if-we-were-enemies', which is best both ways, amusingly or seriously, it by far is one the best moments in the history of comic book movies.

Once we are done watching the amusement , the film takes us to its darkness, where Cap and Bucky and Stark wound up at former hydra base, to find Baron Zemo's evil plans turning recently converted Tony back to darkness revealing the identity of the people who died in the car crash at the very start of the film back in 1991. Although this part of the film was overwhelmingly action packed but it literally was unnecessary.

At conclusion I'd say Captain America Civil War is one the best comic book movie to ever happen to me,one of the best action packed that I have ever watched it really is a must watch with my rating of 9/10. 

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Wazir (2016) Review: A crippled Pawn, A provoked Rook, & A mythical Queen.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s original story and Bejoy Nambiar’s directed Wazir is somewhat a brilliant take on the acute mind game called chess. The film relates the characters with the game so gracefully that one would really wonder how this incisive game can turn normal beings into incredible masterminds who could strategically do anything, even the act of suicide, to bring down the non-deserving king.

The film starts with a normal happy family of an Anti Terrorist Squad agent named Daanish (Farhan Akhtar), a vigorous husband, with a loving wife, Ruhana (Aditi Rao Hydari), and an innocent little kid Noorie. This blessed family soon after, gets to feel a doleful feeling of losing the only child, who becomes the victim of a shootout between her father and some terrorists, this devastating act of causing the deadly encounter, and making his wife a living dead, haunts Daanish every night, giving him unbelievable reasons to do what he never ever thought of doing, he ends up killing the terrorists who were the reason behind his sad turn up, and decides to end his life, there a wise man named Omkar (Amitabh Bachchan) makes him realize that it’s not the end yet. Pawn makes his first move by introducing a Rook into the game, Omkar Nath Dhar A.K.A ‘Panditji’ a crippled man without both legs, tries to drag Daanish out of his destroyed self by making him learn chess, after some good game sessions and influential conversations, and understanding, Panditji take Daanish in confidence and shares tragic story of his daughter Nima’s Death, and asks for his help to investigate the closed case against a very powerful politician minister Yazaad Qureshi (Manav Kaul), Pawn makes Rook aware of his capabilities.  Daanish re-opens the case, and approaches Qureshi for questioning, but with his political power Qureshi ends up closing the case again. When Pawn sends his Rook, to give the king a little hard time, the King sends his wicked Queen to make sure that Pawn knows his value. Qureshi sees Omkar and Daanish as a threat to his political career, and there Wazir (Neil Nithin Mukesh) a psychotically wicked devotee of Yazaad Qureshi attacks Omkar to make him aware of his power, Daanish searches for Wazir, and Wazir keeps contacting him with untraceable methods to make him aware that he is watching his every move, Panditji sees that justice is not being served so he tries to take matter in his own hands, he tries to put an end to this misery, Daanish tries to stop him, but omkar’s fate gets to end in a tragic way. When a Rook sees his Pawn die right in front of his eyes, he destroys everyone who comes in his way. Daanish with the help of his friend (John Abraham) tracks down Qureshi and gets to know that whatever sacrifices Qureshi was living on, all of them were big lies, and that’s how a pawn’s provoked Rook brings down the King. There comes the biggest astonishing twist of this game, the Pawn actually kept his Rook under the hook with unbelievably unexpected moves, the Pawn turned out to be the mythical Queen who kept on provoking the Rook, to play with his full capabilities and potential. The dialogue from the film “Hey Little Pawn you’re the soul of chess, if you’re able to make right moves, one day you’ll become Wazir (The Queen Piece)” explains everything.

Along with Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s great conceptual story, Abhijat Joshi has worked on screenplay writing, which is successfully skillful, though it did had some errors, like it’s kind of impossible to throw a match stick from a long distance successfully in a single try with a single hand, which are easily ignorable but still an error is an error. The combination of Abhijat Joshi’s screenplay and Abhishek Deshpande’s Dialogue writing has made this film and incredibly enjoyable. Bejoy Nambiar has done a good work as a director with such big of a script, but I wouldn’t say it was the perfect direction for script like this, Nambiar could have done better. 

Amitabh Bachchan after a long time has chosen a great film to work on, he for sure is one of the Bollywood Legends who will always be remembered even after their death, and his performance as Omkar Nath Dhar has proved that he still can act with joy. 

The actor who has surprised me in this film is Neil Nithin Mukesh, who only did a cameo in the film as a mythical Wazir, the depth in his voice, made his evil character more dark and enjoyable to watch, I am delightful with the fact that he has done a great role and he actually was good enough to portray it perfectly.
Manav Kaul has disappointed me with his poor performance as Yazaad Qureshi, the character was way more, crucially political, Kaul should have made it energetic, unreliable.

Farhan Akhter and Aditi has a great chemistry as husband and wife on a screen, Farhan has been a struggling actor in the industry, the role Daanish actually demand a hardworking actor who could understand contrary situations of the same role, I appreciate that he has not failed to prove that he is hard working, and he covered the character real good. I’m glad that has this good character choosing sense.

The film’s story actually deserves 8.5/10 but due to poor performance by Manav and less hard work by Nambiar in direction I rate this film as 8.0/10 .

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Fan (2016) Review: The Impoverished attempt at a Vigorous concept.

Maneesh Sharma's Fan, starring an overly rated, so called 'King of Bollywood' is one of the many reasons why this failed attempt is getting praised by many untasteful film lovers, in the entire Indian subcontinent, this poor execution, has somewhat a similar conception with a 1996, Robert De Niro starrer, having a very identical tittle 'The Fan' . 

Gaurav (Shah Rukh Khan) a small-town internet cafe runner, having a stricking resemblence with a highly praised bollywood star known as Aryan Khanna (Also portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan) which is one of the many reasons of being an obssesive fan of the superstar, he has an intense wish to meet his idol someday, his crazy love for his idol has made him somewhat a talented small stage performer known as 'Junior Aryan Khanna' in his town, as soon as he gets his stage performing reward, the indentical fan heads to Mumbai to wish his 'Duniya' (world) a very happy birthday, but when his plans turns from a happy ending to a sad one, Gaurav's craziness forces him to cross the line, an year later the financialy broke devotee, trying to play psychotic down games with his ex-idol apears in London, and also in Croatia, which is never explained how was even possible, yes we watched him sell his internet cafe, but that wouldn't really make him rich enough to travel through countries and learn foreign languages that quickly, I would like to add more to the list of plotholes, blunders of the film, Gaurav having acrobatic skills of running from crowded streets to rooftops, unnecessarily chased by Aryan like a skillfull spy agent trying to catch an uncatchable enemy.

The plotholes and unbelievable blunders of the overall work, gives us reasons to believe that Habib Faisal has failed to prove himself as a good screenplay writer, and Sharma's inadequate direction makes it even worse and unappreciable. His direction entirely through out the film gave me the feeling of a failed attempt at a hollywood alike flick, with an inferior mystic climax.

Shah Rukh Khan has proved that he surely is one of the good actors in bollywood, portraying two different roles in a same flick is not entirely an easy task to do, it requires a great amount of hardwork and contrary sensing ability, but still I wouldn't call him 'King of Bollywood' (In my opinion nobody in bollywood is good enough to be called as a king of entire industry) an actor is not only known for his acting skills, or how big a star he is, being an actor also requires perception, character choosing, standard maintaing, abilities. Take Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor for example, I would highly rate them for there character choosing and standard maintaing abilities, (I am not saying they're the greatest of all but they really deserves the appreciation) . 

The surprisingly interesting part is that the film has no songs at all, instead it has a real background score which is quite good to listen individually. It also introduces Hollywood's renowned make-up artist Greg Cannom to Bollywood. 

Although it deserves a rating of 4 but i'll rate it 5/10 for SRK's brilliant performance as Gaurav .