Saturday, 23 April 2016

Fan (2016) Review: The Impoverished attempt at a Vigorous concept.

Maneesh Sharma's Fan, starring an overly rated, so called 'King of Bollywood' is one of the many reasons why this failed attempt is getting praised by many untasteful film lovers, in the entire Indian subcontinent, this poor execution, has somewhat a similar conception with a 1996, Robert De Niro starrer, having a very identical tittle 'The Fan' . 

Gaurav (Shah Rukh Khan) a small-town internet cafe runner, having a stricking resemblence with a highly praised bollywood star known as Aryan Khanna (Also portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan) which is one of the many reasons of being an obssesive fan of the superstar, he has an intense wish to meet his idol someday, his crazy love for his idol has made him somewhat a talented small stage performer known as 'Junior Aryan Khanna' in his town, as soon as he gets his stage performing reward, the indentical fan heads to Mumbai to wish his 'Duniya' (world) a very happy birthday, but when his plans turns from a happy ending to a sad one, Gaurav's craziness forces him to cross the line, an year later the financialy broke devotee, trying to play psychotic down games with his ex-idol apears in London, and also in Croatia, which is never explained how was even possible, yes we watched him sell his internet cafe, but that wouldn't really make him rich enough to travel through countries and learn foreign languages that quickly, I would like to add more to the list of plotholes, blunders of the film, Gaurav having acrobatic skills of running from crowded streets to rooftops, unnecessarily chased by Aryan like a skillfull spy agent trying to catch an uncatchable enemy.

The plotholes and unbelievable blunders of the overall work, gives us reasons to believe that Habib Faisal has failed to prove himself as a good screenplay writer, and Sharma's inadequate direction makes it even worse and unappreciable. His direction entirely through out the film gave me the feeling of a failed attempt at a hollywood alike flick, with an inferior mystic climax.

Shah Rukh Khan has proved that he surely is one of the good actors in bollywood, portraying two different roles in a same flick is not entirely an easy task to do, it requires a great amount of hardwork and contrary sensing ability, but still I wouldn't call him 'King of Bollywood' (In my opinion nobody in bollywood is good enough to be called as a king of entire industry) an actor is not only known for his acting skills, or how big a star he is, being an actor also requires perception, character choosing, standard maintaing, abilities. Take Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor for example, I would highly rate them for there character choosing and standard maintaing abilities, (I am not saying they're the greatest of all but they really deserves the appreciation) . 

The surprisingly interesting part is that the film has no songs at all, instead it has a real background score which is quite good to listen individually. It also introduces Hollywood's renowned make-up artist Greg Cannom to Bollywood. 

Although it deserves a rating of 4 but i'll rate it 5/10 for SRK's brilliant performance as Gaurav . 

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