Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Review: Suicide Squad (2016) is good enough to save DCEU's underwhelming reputation.

David Ayer previously known for films like ‘Fury (2014)’ starring Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer ‘Sabotage (2014)’ featuring the world of police and military forces, but this time things are different, this time he’s got super-villains to play with, oh wait Villains or Worst Heroes Ever?
Despite of a weak plot, Suicide Squad is exuberantly good, which proves Ayer as a better Director than a Writer, but one wouldn’t consider him as one of the best director to ever happen to the film world, but as compared to Zack Snyder’s shit, he killed it, (now picture Deadshot saying this in his style)

Suicide Squad is one of the films that make you almost shit your pants, with the characters like Harley Quinn/Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Margot Robbie), Deadshot/Floyd Lawton (Will Smith), Diablo/Chato Santana (Jay Hernandez), Killer Croc/Waylon Jones (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Enchantress/Dr. June Moone (Cara Delevingne), Cpt. Boomerang/Digger Harkness (Jai Courtney), Katana/ Tatsu Yamashiro (Karen Fukuhara), Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Rick Flagg (Jeol Kinnaman) and the one and only Joker (Jared Leto), Oh wait how can I forgot the mind blowing Slipknot/Christopher Weiss (Adam Beach) with some of the speedy lighting and black cape in the nights of gotham.

The film starts from where the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left off, Yes the death of Superman, Amanda Waller takes kryptonian son’s death as a serious issue to fight future adversities more powerful than ever and she’s got crazy plans for it. Oh and before that, we do get to see a whole lot of pretty and a whole lot of craziness. Waller’s plans aren’t really what a person free from physical or mental disorder would approve, but there is nothing left to offer as they are concerned about huge ‘Meta-Human’ threats in the near future, the film takes a turning point when a deserted Witch goes all the way to “DESTROY-THEM-ALL” kind of aberrance, now that’s where Waller’s Task Force X a.k.a Suicide Squad begins the fun.Super-Hero movies are normally known for some good heroes fighting the malevolent forces, but here those malicious beings switch sides for a better world realizing their mistakes, Naah! That’s not entirely the truth, that’s because they’ve got a cruel unexpected boss giving them reason to do some good, that’s more like it.
In this unique conceptual but over-promoted film, we get to see the very first theatrical live-action portrayal of Harley Quinn done by talented Margot Robbie, it really a is nightmare to do a character which is entirely a crackbrain and psychotically sally, despite of Harley being one of the famous character in the comic world and the whole world expecting a metaphoric Life & Death situation kind of a performance for a character with a scarce back-story, Robbie has done justice to the character, her performance is the only half which makes this movie vigorously enjoyable to watch, her performance makes Harley the female version of Joker with an additional touch of softness for the distressed ones, which reminds me of how fondly the character fell in love with psychotic Joker in the 1997 animated Series named ‘The New Batman Adventures’
The most disheartening element of this execution for me was, the over-hyped, but less exhibited Joker, the character felt like shoehorned into the film, now imagine yourself wearing shoes smaller than your feet and running around feeling the pain, that might be the exact pain Jared Leto must have felt after watching the final piece, you just don’t get to play with a character this big like an unprofessional, this is disappointingly deceptive to a man who is extremely talented and dedicated, Jared Leto as Joker has done a stunning job, creating a different torpid yet energetic ruthless vibe to the character, with a parlous yet grasping laugh, despite of the less screen time Leto succeeds in for you to have high hopes for the character in future productions.
Owing to over-hyping of Joker and less promotion of Deadshot in the trailers the character gets to have more screen time in the final piece which makes it quite delighting to watch Deadshot as a whole in the film, a character which is exceptionally good at the mathematical angles and uses his skills (which includes much more than that) to kill for his bank account to start dancing, having a very stout weakness in the shape of a daughter, a bad guy giving more time to act as a good one. Will Smith has done a good job for the character, as he could be the only option for the character for his better experience of suchlike characters; he has given us reasons to praise him.

With Deadshot being a good character, Diablo is not very far to being a great one, a crime lord having destructive flaming powers, had done some serious afflictions in his crestfallen past, he decides to leave his misperceived chaotic world to be behind gingerly bars, before he could take another life, the most well indited character of the film & with a well-handled back-story, El Diablo turns out to be a great asset of the film, on top of that Jay Hernandez’s phenomenal acting skills giving it a life to its fullest is all that you need to know.
The most fun part after Quinn was Boomerang with Jai Courtney’s brilliant performance which ends up disappointingly underused; instead an unimpressive Rick Flagg is overused although Jeol Kinnaman did well as an actor, and Killer Croc’s amazing portrayal by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje although I had much better hopes for him but still it was satisfactory, and Enchantress as a character was just okay but Cara Delevingne’s portrayal was impressive, meanwhile Amanda Waller was a classic example of person who knows how to deal with the most dangerous people on the planet and having them all in her pocket with Viola Davis’ exceptional acting giving you the feeling of getting your favorite toppings on your flavor of ice cream.
After the underwhelming reputation of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad somehow is capable enough to save DCEU. In my opinion it was the film DCEU needed at the moment, it has a very predictable story line but it is far better and entertaining than BvS: Dawn of Justice & Man of Steel combined.

With my Rating of 3.5/5 I’d recommend all to watch it. It is a great watch.