Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review: 9/10

Joe and Anthony Russo’s Civil War is the longest Marvel film till date, with the running time of 2 hours and 26 minutes. It indisputably has a compelling story with a great touch of humour along with Russo bros’ adequate direction.

The film starts with the year 1991 where a hydra's brain washed Winter Soldier (Sebastain Stan) causes a car crash to recover the super soldier building serum, giving you the idea of somewhat an important part of the storyline, then it takes you to the uninhabited future of Captain America (Chris Evans) kicking off in an overwhelming action sequence with Black Widow (Scarlett Johanson) Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) by his side, and yes you wonder where is Iron Man? (Robert Downey Jr) and his absence is very well explained soon after, though its nothing but a sneak peak to the astounding action this execution features. Due to uncontrolled amount of collateral damage done by the so called 'Saviours Of The World' UN enforces a mandate called 'Sokovia Accord' on the Avengers to become a government organization for prevention of any further adversities. Steve believing that the safest hands are still their own and Tony on the other hand having emotional breakdown and disagreeing with Rogers, builds up a real conflict between friendly heroes, and when things starts to go side ways, Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier being blamed for the deadly attack on 'Sokovia Accord Event' killing Wakandan King T'Chaka in Vienna, boosts up the conflict to a whole other level.

Super censured Steve goes full interrogative thinking he should be the one bringing him in, but his plan goes sideways, as Bucky runs for his life and encounters a black costumed skilful fighter with a vengeful rage, there we get to see a breathtaking action packed chase between three powerful beings with different agendas on each mind. Soon after when War Machine (Don Cheadle) turns the fight into police hand, the guy in black turns out to be T'Challa/Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) son of the Wakandan King, which explains his rageful attitude.

Chadwick Boseman is a newcomer to the avenging universe portraying one of the highly expected character, which he has executed in an adeptable manner, though it is highly unlikely for a newcomer to come up to the level of existing stars, this shows his admirable talent of acting which is deservingly appreciated.

Bucky gets to see himself boxed in a powerless manner, which he believes is literally unfair, there we see evil minded Zemo set Bucky loose giving him uncontrollable reasons to go rogue for the time being by saying the mysterious code words which are not very handling for him.
Cap realizing that him escaping is a mistake so he tries stop him but and there we see Chris Evans' unrealistically realistic act which in many eyes is one of the brilliant stunts he has ever done.

Chris Evans injured his arm muscles while filming the iconic shot of Captain America holding back a helicopter with his hands. Evans said of the shot, 'That shot is a little bit of bicep porn. 'Zoom in on the biceps' - that's what the script said. Kevin Feige didn't airbrush my biceps, that's me. It's not a utilitarian shot, it's a shot where you're trying to look heroic. That position (of holding the helicopter with one hand and the ledge with another) is actually a very unnatural position to use to stop something but we used it because I have to flex my bicep, you are trying to make the scene look great. And I genuinely messed my arm doing that shot because of the strain. Robert Downey Jr. joked that the film-makers didn't mind that Evans hurt himself because of how great the shot turned out and they have been using it to promote the film ever since. Anthony Russo revealed that the iconic shot almost did not happen because on the day of the film-making there was a miss-communication with the costume department and Evans came in wearing a thick jacket. They immediately sent him back to change because then they wouldn't have been able to film the shot of his muscles bulging as intended in the script.

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man we see in this flick is a billionaire with a different mindset, realizing his mistakes, most certainly guilty of the act he actually thought would him make unstoppable and righteous, the creation of Ultron. He now has reasons to act by law and show his patriotism, as we heard that the film will feature a darker version of Tony Stark, it was completely untrue, where as the only part where he says "Sometime I want to punch you in your perfect teeth" shows his darkness otherwise he gets to be a lawfully powerful devotee.
Downey Jr. has proved that he was meant to be casted as Iron Man, he certainly has performed better and better as character kept on developing throughout the films. He has created this vibe for Tony Stark which nobody else can create not in his time.

As the film continues to shine we get to enter a whole new level of greatness when we watch Red and Blue go head to head, in the atmosphere of giant airbuses, where Cap's initial plan is to go up against 'Psycho Assassins' as phrased by the Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) his entry to this Marvel-ous film is as amusing as the character himself is, which makes the the film go even better, and a bigger surprise for all the Ant-Man fans when you'll watch the movie you'll know, dont miss out its Huge! meanwhile on the other side there is Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who indisputably is the best spidey to ever happen in the film world, a humorous teenager with a amazing powers and heroic pupose, and on top of all Holland's mind-blowing performance, appreciation comes out from your heart inevitably .
The airport fight sequence is more like a bunch of friends playing 'what-if-we-were-enemies', which is best both ways, amusingly or seriously, it by far is one the best moments in the history of comic book movies.

Once we are done watching the amusement , the film takes us to its darkness, where Cap and Bucky and Stark wound up at former hydra base, to find Baron Zemo's evil plans turning recently converted Tony back to darkness revealing the identity of the people who died in the car crash at the very start of the film back in 1991. Although this part of the film was overwhelmingly action packed but it literally was unnecessary.

At conclusion I'd say Captain America Civil War is one the best comic book movie to ever happen to me,one of the best action packed that I have ever watched it really is a must watch with my rating of 9/10. 

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