Saturday, 26 March 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review: Affleck's Bat-Slap to Critics

Zack Snyder comes back with his Superhero Sequel of Man of Steel, it hits the cinemas across the globe on 25th March 2016, having two of the very famous and Earth's greatest superheroes created by Dc Comics, A Dark Knight and A human God, facing each other with a cruel fighting rage, this project not only includes Batman and Superman it also has the most powerful woman in the entire Dc Universe known as Wonder Woman, the fastest man alive The Flash, the hero below the water Aquaman and the Human machine Cyborg. 
I'd say After watching Man of Steel, I wasn't expecting Dawn of Justice to make up to the reputation which Snyder had lost in the eye of many fans, and a sequel never enlightened me like this ever before, I was unexpectedly stunned and glued to my seat for the whole time, 

The film starts with the billionare Bruce Wayne trying to protect people stuck in Wayne Enterprises' bulding in metropolis during a very disastrous fight between, Superman and Gen. Zodd. So many innocents lose their lives, including women and children, which effectively changes Wayne's perception on the super-god known as Superman. Where everybody thinks of him as a saviour, Bruce is finding ways to bring him down, and Lex Luthor taking advantage of the situation , trys to come back at The Dark Knight for interrupting in his evil plans by stealing the kryptonite rock, he gives Superman some forcible reasons to fight Batman, (Oh Man! You better should not miss the chance to know how this epic fight ends), when Lex unleashes his evil nativity of doomsday to the world, the Bat of Gotham, the Son of Krypton and the Undestructable Amazonian teams up to bring down the evil giant. 

Many bat-fans went grotesquely absured when they heard that Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman. Bale fans criticized Snyder's judgement on Batman role, trolling Ben Affleck's first look as batman on social media, but soon when the BvS trailers came out, many critics and bat-fans intentionaly changed their views and started to join the 'Batffleck' community. 
In an interview at Comic Con while promoting Dawn of Justice Ben Affleck told the audience that he met Previous Batman Star cast Christian Bale in a costume store, where they had a talk about Affleck being cast as batman, and Bale told him that he is quite happy with the fact the Affleck is the new batman and he jokingly adviced "Make sure you don't piss in that suit". They both were buying costumes for their kids.
 I am quite delighted to say that Ben took Bale's words indeed seriously, he performed brilliantly and gave no reason to accuse him of pissing in the dark knight suit. His expressions, his dialogue delivery, his understanding, all of it does pure justice to the character, this must have been most hardest performance for him as he had to gain additional 20lbs of muscle and reach 8% of fat for his role, he may not be a natural but he knew what he had to do.
Henry Cavill, known as the best Superman (I totally agree with this title) gave expressions like the one where superman looks up at Lex with aggressive eyes, that very moment gave me heavy goosebumps, He was distinguishably subtle in his performance, I'd say he did cleverly great and much better work in BvS than Man of Steel. He put on twice the amount of muscle mass for this film than he had for MoS. 
The Lex Luthor we get watch in this film is a patient, sarcastic, depraved, psychopath which Jesse Eisenberg has portrayed sensationally, I wouldn't find any other Lex Luthor Portrayal more exceptional than this one. This is the first time, I have watched Jesse portay a negetive role, and I am totally amazed.

The issue I always have with Snyder's direction is that he apparently doesn't get to prioritize important stuff like rationality or reality in his work, and he miss out the very little but big things which no one seems to notice. I know the movie is based on comic books which doesn't go toe to toe with reality but the part like surviving a blast and never having a single burned part of the suit is even unreal in comic books aswell. We literally have eyes man we can see, this is one flaw that Snyder in my opinion might never get to overcome. But hey no one is Flawless. Film editing had a bit problems, especially in 3D visuals where I couldn't get to see colors, It went totally grey, and I remember the same scenes fully colorful from the film's trailers. 

Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer worked on the story brilliantly which I would say was one of the most comic related story for a theatrical Batman and Superman film ever and this is the first movie which mentions Bill Finger as Co-creator of Batman along with Bob Kane. 
The film is mostly inspired by Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns comic series, and Batman Animated series aswell. Batman is shown to have a fighting style which is literally aggressive and acrobatic, and it is most likely to be compared with the fighting style of Batman: Arkham Games. 

Meanwhile in Box Office BvS: Dawn of Justice has been proving its immunity to kryptonite of bad reviews, as this epic battle has grossed in $82 Million on it's opening day, and it has said to finish the weekend with $171 Million based on early studio estimates.

In conclusion, I would say the film is a pure piece of entertainment, which gives enjoyable experience and I hope it gets to bag some real deserving awards. 

All of The Walking Dead fans I have some news for you, that Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) Dies in Batman v Superman as Bruce Wayne's Parents. Take it as a Joke I meant to put a smile on your faces. 

We will soon see more of Ben Affleck's batman this year in David Ayer's Suicide Squad .
And more in Justice League Two part series next year and also in Batman Reboot which is rumored that it'd be directed and acted by Ben Affleck.

I rate Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as 8.5/10 ( .5 especially for Ben Affleck) 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

True Detective (Review - S01 Only) : All Hail 'The Great' Nic Pizzolatto

I would like to start with saying 'All hail the great Nic Pizzolatto' for the meritorious effort of creating a distinguished mystery based story on malevolence and obsession. The most astonishing part to know here is that Nic literally wrote the whole script all on his own for the entire Season The show is set in the year 2012 where two contrary but dominated (former) detective partners of Louisiana State Police, Dt. Rustin Cohle (Mathew McConaughey) and Dt. Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) are questioned about the 'Antler' case from their time in the force, back in 1995 where a young girl was killed in a very mysterious and meta-psychotic way.

Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in Season 1

Rust (McConaughey) is a disturbed pessimistic atheist, haunted by his past, a man without a family, having unfriendly nature, with a sharp resourceful mind, Meanwhile Marty (Harrelson) is a family man, a regular professional type, and people's favorite kind of person, but deep down inside he would tenderly fall for other women, and his ineptness in psychotic knowledge makes him less as compared to his partner, which is why at a point Rust says to him "without me you are nothing" . 

Mathew McConaughey who plays an atheist and Woody Harrelson who plays a Christian in the show, both have completely opposite religious believes in their lives, which was actually hard for both of them for their performance. Mathew had to smoke 49 cigarettes and 9 bears all together for statement shots

McConaughey's performance as Rust is literally outstanding that it gave me Goosebumps most of the time, his expressions with the dialogue delivery makes you feel like whatever he's saying here he's saying it with his true heart, the way he deals with the drug acting it is super-realistic, this is what you call realism, which every actor should have.

The show has some compelling points about the human nature and relations, how people could think about several aspects, it has very interesting message that you can encounter if you go a little deeper inside, which you have to figure out yourself otherwise it wouldn't turn out to be mesmerizing.

The Next thing to add to my 'To-Do list' is 'buy season two of True Detective'

I put this Tv-Show to my Must-Watch Shows List. And I Rate it 9/10